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Immunet 3.0, ClamAV, and OpenFPC updates (including a blatant product plug)

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I’m always pretty careful to keep anything too commercial away from my blog, but from time to time something just has to give.

Back in late (very late in fact) 2010, Sourcefire (those nice people who supply me with beer-money) purchased an exciting company called Immunet. Ill spare you the purchase details,  because it’s out-of-scope for this quick update.

I’ve been aware of Immunet for quite some time but haven’t had a chance to really use their technology in anger because I’m a OSX/Linux user, but this changed a couple of weeks back. I recently needed to use a Windows XP VM to work with some win32 only software, I’ve had a virtual machine installed for ages and because it’s rarely used it’s rarely updated (bad Leon!). I probably spend less than an hour a year on this windows VM, I simply don’t have time to install updates because I only use it for quick tests (very bad Leon!).

Immunet’s cloud architecture is perfect for AV in this type of environment, I never need to update my signature pack because all detection is performed in the cloud. While trying to install some software from a USB key-fob that was shared around at a recent conference what popped up? Immunet kindly did it’s job and protected me from some malware nastiness. Now that was awesome.

Oh, by the way Immunet isn’t only awesome (because it saved me from my own stupidity), its also $free and uses Clam AV (that’s also free, but as in speech as well). If you’re using a Windows VM or real device without AV you know what you should do… Go install Immunet for free now . Go on do it now!

For those of you who read this blog for updates on OpenFPC, if you have any spare time please test the updated 0.5 release. There have been many changes at the back-end that I would like to get some feedback on. If it stops working or fails to start please let me know via the usual routes. You shouldn’t see many functional changes, but was a big massive re-write under the covers.



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February 18, 2011 at 3:48 pm

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OpenFPC Test Release

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The weekend has landed, and I have time to pull together some of the bits I need for an OpenFPC (Open Full Packet Capture) release, but I need your help.

I know there are bugs that still need squishing (Master-mode install script for example), but if you have time and are interested, please help me test out an alpha release. Go grab it from here (download the latest version number, it may change repeatedly over the next few days) and run the installer.

So far, I have only tested it on Ubuntu 10.4, the Redhat auto-dependency checking isn’t there yet but it should work on that platform if you have the required RPMs installed with a little tweaking.

So what are you waiting for!? Find problems, tell me where the install and setup falls down, and have some fun.


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September 10, 2010 at 5:35 pm

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