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DumbPig 0.5 Updates, bug fixes, and real-word usage

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The original release of DumbPig seemed to be well received, and promoted a load of quality feedback. I found some time earlier to take action on the first load of requests, and advice so please provide a warm welcome to version 0.5.

Changes in this version.

  • Better support for rules copy/pasted out of the Sourcefire Defense Center GUI
    • (Right click on a rule, and go to documentation to see it’s source) (thanks @tomdixn)
  • Removal of the mega if/then/else block (Nigel beat me into submission)
  • Support for some forgotten keywords
  • Censor ability to hide the sensitive parts of private rules
  • Check for updates over the internet
  • Addition of some new keywords (thanks @tryke)
  • Better whitespace normalization

I hope Dumbpig could become a useful tool for the community, Documentation and code are available on the Dumbpig page.


Written by leonward

June 24, 2009 at 1:34 pm

Posted in Security, snort

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