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The Home AV Install Part one (of many)

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The first stages of my home AV install are under way, it’s a medium term project and for fun I thought I would document it here.

We moved into a new house close to a year ago and have been pretty slow in making any changes, but this has provided us with the luxury of getting used to how we live in the house before committing to anything  permanent. We found that the area that we have been using as our dining room is far better suited to being a TV/lounge room because of its smaller size and shape than the current lounge room.

When we first moved into the house we nick-named the soon-to-be-ex dining room “the stage” because it was raised above the normal level of the rest of the house with weird stage style lights. Our original intention was to lower all the floors back down to their original level, but after raising the boards it is clear that it will take far more effort (and $) to make it worthwhile.

Last weekend I got stuck into some hard work (with the kind help of my father who supplied most of the know-how and experience)

  • Knocked down the two ledges on the dividing partition
  • Ripped up the laminate floor
  • Laid speaker wire under the floor boards
  • Cut out back boxes ready for some AV speaker front-plates (flush with the wall)
  • Found that the electrical wiring in the room is far-from acceptable, so therefore ran some new cables ready for a certified electrician to hook up.

The Before shot (taken on the day we moved in, hence why everything is just dumped where it landed)

The lounge on the day we moved in

The lounge on the day we moved in

The After shot (and yes I know that is one hell of a mess!)

No more wall sticky-out-bits

No more wall sticky-out-bits!


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December 23, 2008 at 8:51 pm

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